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How do I sign up for an account?
Just go to sign in and complete our registration form.  If it said you made errors just ignore it  and return to your account dashboard. You will need to add a phone number on the form in or...
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How do I contact a seller?
The way you contact a seller is to setup a user account on our site (its free) here: http://www.localrvs.com/account_form.htm Then login, and in the lower right corner of the ad is a Contact Informati...
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How do I edit my contact/company information?
Login to the Account Management area. In the left hand margin you'll see a blue box where you can click to update your contact information. This will open a screen with your name, address, phone, emai...
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How do I save an ad?
Yes. You'll need an account with us (its free). Just login to your account and browse for boats. When an ad comes up that you want to save, in the lower left part of the ad page is a Utilities box....
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How do I downgrade my ad?
When the ad expires, you can login to your account management area and click the renew link. The ad will renew, but won't be paid for. Then, click on the Edit Ad Details link either on the payment p...
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How do I delete my ad?
You can delete it from your account area. Just login and over on the left under "Your Ads", click on the link to bring up your ad(s). You'll see the ad on the right...just click the "D...
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How do I upload photos?
The photo upload buttons for all ads (except text-only ads) are located on the far right side of the ad form, either when placing a new ad or when editing your ad from your Ad Management area. You may...
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How do I remove my account?
Your user account will need to be removed by us. Please submit a support ticket.
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How do I renew my ad?
To renew your ads, you'll need to wait until they "expire". We keep ads in your account (although not active) for three weeks after the expiration date. After the ad expires, the Edit Ad De...
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How do I place an ad?
What you'll need to do first is create a user account here: http://www.localrvs.com/account_form.htm Then, you'll need to click on the Place an Ad menu item near the top of the site. That will present...
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My RV has sold. What do I do?
Login to the Manage Your Ads area and mark the Horse as "Sold" or "Hidden". Once the ad is marked "Sold", you can't reverse it.
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How do I upload photos from my iPad or iPhone?
The iPhone and iPad (and Android) do not have searchable file systems so the Browse button is greyed out (can't select a photo from your hard drive). You can still upload from one of these devices, h...
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How do I change my password?
If you login to your Account management area, click on the link in the left menu to Edit Contact Info. There is a password change area about half way down. Enter the new password (twice) then click ...
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Moving ad to different category
If you placed an ad in the wrong section of the website, you'll need to create a new ad in the correct section. We aren't able to move ads, since the information on the ad is different for each secti...
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Make your phone number appear on your ad
First login in to your Account Management area. There's a "showphone" checkbox on your account profile page, make sure you check it. That will make your phone number appear on all ads.
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